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Can A Projector Replace A Tv

Can A Projector Replace A Tv? Upgrade Your Entertainment Level

One of the ancient wars of technology is between the two most famous entertainment providers: projector and television. Some people prefer to purchase a TV, while others try to invest in a projector no matter how expensive it is. Indeed both have their separate fanbase as well as their pros and cons. And you could …

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laser projector

Benefits of laser projectors

One cannot deny that laser projector has become a great blessing for all of us. No doubt, these projectors display high-definition and digital image quality. The color scheme and contrast remain improved. In addition, this respective projector demands lower maintenance and keeps the viewing experience cinematic. Talking specifically about the solid-state lasers, they have promised …

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projector screen waterproof

Are projector screens waterproof?

Do you need clarification regarding whether projector screens are waterproof or not? Here we are going to tell you. Projector screens are not waterproof. If you get a screen made of PVC or vinyl material, that screen might resist water but not on 100% notes. In the same way, wet screens display stained picture quality. …

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family watching family video on projector screen

Best Ways to Use Projectors

Can you think of fun, cool, and super creative ways to use projectors? Projectors are now spotted in almost every home or office. You can have them for watching movies, playing games, streaming content, recipe projection, and bedtime storyline purpose, and also for conducting business presentations and projecting seasonal decorations. No doubt, projectors have become …

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projector lines thumbnail

How to get rid of lines on projector

Does your projector often get jam-packed with vertical and horizontal lines? If yes, it is time to get rid of them. We have collected a few effective tips which help you know how to remove lines on a projector. The general way is to keep holding down the projector firmly, repair or replace the defective …

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How projector screen works

How projector screen works?

Projectors have become the next big thing and are frequently spotted in offices, homes, classrooms, and conference and meeting rooms. Here we are going to discuss how the projector screen work and function. Overall, the working mechanism of projector screens looks simple and comparatively less technical. Giving you a general idea, a bright light passes …

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