Projector Screen

Screen door effect

How to get rid of screen door effect on projector

The screen door effect has become a common issue that projectors often display. So, how to get rid of this problem? We will tell you! It is advised that setting the projected image out of focus blur the boundaries and ultimately full the black pixels with adjacent light. This hack eliminates the screen door effect …

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A projector and textured wall in background.

Do projectors work on textured walls

The overall idea does not look great if you want to use a textured wall for projection. Yes, you can make projectors to work on textured walls, but the image quality will become so low. In addition, the small perfections right there on a textured wall keep the image quality blur and not so crisp …

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A projector with black wall in background.

Does projector work on black wall

You might be wondering if it is possible to use a projector on a black or dark wall. Yes, you can do that. Some people cannot afford projector screens. Instead, they prefer projecting the image on a black or dark wall. This one is a budget-friendly option. But the picture quality does not appear up …

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creases in projector screen

How to get rid of creases in projector screen

The job of removing creases from the projector screen has become less challenging. There is no need to get a new screen because the previous one had so many creases and wrinkles. You can remove these creases in one go, trust us, follow the below-written solutions and pay your thanks later on. The basic solution …

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projector screen waterproof

Are projector screens waterproof?

Do you need clarification regarding whether projector screens are waterproof or not? Here we are going to tell you. Projector screens are not waterproof. If you get a screen made of PVC or vinyl material, that screen might resist water but not on 100% notes. In the same way, wet screens display stained picture quality. …

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How projector screen works

How projector screen works?

Projectors have become the next big thing and are frequently spotted in offices, homes, classrooms, and conference and meeting rooms. Here we are going to discuss how the projector screen work and function. Overall, the working mechanism of projector screens looks simple and comparatively less technical. Giving you a general idea, a bright light passes …

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