How to get rid of waves on projector screen

Lots of ways are there which help you to remove waves and wrinkles from the projector screen. Let us all check out those tips and tricks. It is common for a projector screen to get jam-packed with waves or wrinkles. You can get rid of them by applying heat using a blow dryer or iron.

Furthermore, you can keep the screen directly under the sunlight. Other suggested method is applying tension. Extreme care and caution must be taken while removing waves from the screen. Especially when using an iron or blow dryer, avoid damaging the screen. 

Tips to get rid of waves on projector screens

We have highlighted a few of the tips; you can check out their details:

Iron the back side of the projector screen

You can definitely remove waves from the projector screen by ironing the backside of it. Make sure to apply minimal heat because screens made of vinyl and other delicate materials may get damaged if you iron them for a longer time. Only iron the back side and not the front side of the projector screen. 

Perform this job with extreme caution, and hopefully, every wrinkle or wave will get removed from the screen. It is recommended to perform this job on an ironing board or simple table. Keep the iron on the lowest setting. Place a towel between the ironing board and the screen to reduce and diffuse heat. If the creases are firm, you can repeat the process.

Blow Dry the Projection Screen

The next solution is to use a blow dry! If you notice that lots of creases or waves have appeared on the projector screen, what you can do is use a blow dryer and get rid of these wrinkles. Avoid keeping the blow dryer on too much high setting.

Once you are done blow drying the screen, let it cool for some time, and then you can install it in the respective place. Furthermore, blow-dry the backside of your projection screen. Upon following this tip properly, it is expected that your projector screen will become wrinkle-free.

It is strongly advised to use a blow dryer on those projector screens made of vinyl. Avoid using a heat gun or any equipment that might harm the screen. The heat coming out from the blow dryer or hair dryer makes the vinyl material pliable and removes wrinkles in one go.

Keep the projector screen under the direct sunlight

Do you know that you can get rid of waves from your projector screen if you keep it under direct sunlight? Yes, it is true! Exposing the screen to direct sunlight keeps it wrinkle-free for sure. Just hang the screen in direct light, and you will see that it starts to get straightened up.

Furthermore, direct sunlight naturally adds head onto the projector screen surface. It expands the screen material, and the waves ultimately flatten out. If you think manually applying the heat does not give you desired results, you can surely follow this method.

Apply tension

It is strongly believed that applying tension helps you quickly remove wrinkles and waves from the projector screen. This respective method stretches out the wrinkles, and voila, every wave will be gone from the screen. When applying tension, make sure that you do not damage the screen. So, remain as much cautious as much as you can. 

How to apply tension on the projector screen to get rid of waves?

You can check out the below-written method, which tells you how to apply tension on the projector screen to quickly and smoothly remove waves:

Use a tension frame

Get hold of a tension frame! With its help, you can remove both big and small waves from the projector screen in less time. A tension frame stretches the waves and makes them naturally disappear without bringing any damage to the screen.

Apply weight if you are not interested in using a tension frame

As an alternative to the tension frame, you can apply weight to the bottom of a hanging projector screen. Make sure to apply controlled pressure. This hack will successfully and firmly pull the wrinkles or creases out of the screen.

You must remain patient while following this method because it might take a bit longer than other hacks. Choose the weights that do not damage the screen and carefully attach them. 

It is genuinely believed that tensioned screens prevent them from curling or getting waves and creases. Furthermore, curls have become normal, which you often spot on the projector screen edges. It is always suggested to put small weights on the screen edges. Some prefer using 3lb barbell weights on the edges or the bottom bars to straighten the curls quickly.

Avoid wrinkles or creases by properly folding and storing the projector screen

We know that many people mistakenly bring a lot of wrinkles and creases onto their projector screens while folding them up. So, it remains advisable to carefully and properly fold the screen.

You can prevent the presence of additional waves and creases on the screen by wrapping and storing it in the right manner. Furthermore, never place heavy objects on top of your projector screens. This practice further worsens the wrinkles and waves severity, and it becomes challenging to get rid of them.


So, what’s the bottom line? All the above hacks will help you eliminate waves on the projector screen. Feel free to forward us what solutions and tips you follow to remove creases and wrinkles from the screen.

Wrapping up! Applying minimal heat using an iron or blow dryer, keeping the screen under direct sunlight, and applying tension using weights or a tension frame seem to be one of the recommended solutions which you can go for. Stay connected and learn more tips to get rid of and quickly eliminate waves from your projector’s screen.

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