How to get rid of creases in projector screen

creases in projector screen

The job of removing creases from the projector screen has become less challenging. There is no need to get a new screen because the previous one had so many creases and wrinkles. You can remove these creases in one go, trust us, follow the below-written solutions and pay your thanks later on.

The basic solution is to use a blow dryer or iron and apply minimal heat on the screen’s backside. Rest, keep the screen under the sunlight or use a tension frame. You can also use a tension frame. Or keep the screen in a room where you have turned on the heater. Heat loosens out the creases ultimately. No doubt, these tips smoothen out the screen in less time. To know the details of these solutions, you can read out the remaining part of this post:

What causes creases on a projector screen?

  • Creases appear on the projector screen if you have improperly folded it and stored it in a messy spot.
  • Placing a heavy object on a screen causes creases and wrinkles.
  • The projector screen gets creases during the shipping/delivery process.
  • If you use the screen frequently, creases will appear on it.
  • Carrying a projector screen while you travel, there is a chance it will get wrinkled.

Solutions to getting rid of creases from the projector screen

We have collected a handful number of methods that guides you on how to remove creases from the projector screen quickly:

Sunlight method

Here we have come up with a sunlight method. Experts claim that placing the screen under the sunlight removes creases. To perform this method, please follow the below-written steps:

  1. The first step is to hang the screen.
  2. Place it under direct sunlight and gently rub the backside of the screen.
  3. Keep the screen like this for a few hours or as long as the sun is there.
  4. On rubbing the back of the screen, you will see that the wrinkles will be gone.
  5. Do not rub the front side of the screen because this surface is delicate and not meant to be rubbed.

It is hoped that the sunlight method will eliminate wrinkles from the projector screen and bring it back to a crease-free mode.

Use a Tension Frame 

Using a tension frame removes creases from the projector screen. If you do not know how to use this frame, you can see the details which we have discussed below:

  1. Get a tension frame and hang the projector screen on it.
  2. Secure the screen from the top and bottom sides with latches.
  3. Keep the screen hanging in this position for a few hours.
  4. Voila, you are done!

You can definitely follow this method. It is proven that a tension frame stretches the crease and smoothens out the screen in one go.

Use a Hair Dryer 

Using a hair dryer has done wonders with respect to removing creases from the projector screen. It is an easy-to-follow solution that you can go for. In a series of steps, this method can be performed; you can see the details:

  1. Hang the screen on a tension mount and secure it properly so you can use the blow dryer without hassle. If you do not have a tension mount, you can hang the screen freely, and some people prefer to lay it down flat on the ground.
  2. Get a blow dryer/hair dryer, or you can even use the heat gun.
  3. Set the respective equipment on the lowest setting.
  4. Start applying minimal heat on the back side and not on the front side of the projector screen.
  5. Repeat the process until every crease is gone from the screen.

Use an Iron 

If you do not have a blow dryer, you can use an iron to remove creases and waves from the projector screen. The method is followed similarly; likewise, you use a hair dryer on the screen.

  1. Get a table and place a towel over it. You can even get an ironing board.
  2. Set the iron on the lowest setting.
  3. Lay the projector screen flat on the table and start ironing the back side of it.
  4. Slowly iron the screen, and hopefully, creases will disappear.
  5. Once you are done, allow the screen to cool. Take it off the table and install/hang it wherever you want to.

Though, the iron method certainly works and seems to be the quickest solution to remove creases. But you have to be careful while ironing the screen. The projector screen material is very fragile and delicate. If you iron the screen excessively or set it at the highest setting, the screen will become damaged. To ensure additional safety, you must use a dry cloth or soft towel between the iron and the backside of your screen.

The heater method

The last one is the heater method. Simply place the screen in a room where you have turned on the heater. A fully heated room stretches and expands the screen and removes wrinkles. You can either lay the projector screen on the floor. Or hang it firmly and securely on the wall.

Just keep the screen in that room for a few hours. Hopefully, the creases will get disappeared. This is a budget-friendly and easy method that people prefer to follow whenever their projector screens get creases and wrinkles.


So far, these are the basic solutions we have shared concerning removing creases from the projector screen. These solutions will surely work on small creases and wrinkles. You can let us know if you have tried the sunlight method, or used an iron, blow dryer, or tension frame to remove wrinkles from the screen. Please stay connected with us. More hacks and quick tips are yet to come, so do not go anywhere.

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