Get rid of projector noise

Get rid of projector noise

Are you struggling to get rid of the annoying noises that come from your projector? Having loud and disruptive background noise makes it difficult to enjoy movies or presentations. The good news is that there are a couple of simple solutions to this problem that you can try if you want to reduce it. This article will provide instructions on how to clean your projector and reduce noise.

The general and most basic ways to keep the projector less noisy are by keeping the device dust-free and cleaning the air filter. Furthermore, you must place the projector in the correct spot because distance matters. Other hacks can be repairing the color wheel and fixing the fan. Below you can see more details:

Why does the projector make unnecessary noise?

At times, projectors make unwanted and unpleasant sounds. When you watch a movie or play a game, and the projector gets noisy, the whole experience becomes so messy to watch. It is assumed that the projector’s defective color wheel, fan, blower, or iris makes unwanted noise. Below we have penned down the main reasons which lead to a noisy projector:

  1. The projector makes noise when you use it for a prolonged time. In other words, extended or prolonged use pushes the projector to make unnecessary noise. Using this device for too long makes it hot and the fan and blower get extremely noisy.
  2. Iris lets out the light and if you have set it on automatic mode, it will make the projector loud.
  3. The issue with the blower or fan makes the projector immensely loud.
  4. Color wheels convert white light into the primary color. And when the wheel becomes misaligned, the projector starts to make unpleasant and continuous buzzing sounds. 
  5. If the projector settings are not updated, unnecessary noise will be generated. Suppose, you have set the projector on the high brightness mode or high altitude mode. These kinds of settings overheat the projector and lead to noisy operations.

Tips to get rid of projector noise

You can follow the below-mentioned tips and see how unwanted noise will get eliminated from the projector:

Get a new projector

Old projectors often make a lot of noise. So, what can be done? Get a new projector. Old projectors usually have defective fans, blowers, color wheels, and other damaged components. In addition, old projectors vibrate unnecessarily whether you place them on a hard or soft surface.

Clean the air filter

It is important for you to clean the air filter. This practice will eradicate every unwanted and unpleasant sound from the projector. Please carefully check the air filter and see if any dust or debris is stuck in it. A dirty air filter overheats the device and produces loud, annoying sounds. In addition, it is important that the projector breathe properly and the air inside circulate smoothly. That is only possible if you regularly clean the air filters.

Avoid placing the projector near the ceiling or wall

The projector makes unwanted sounds when you place it near the ceiling or wall. Wrong placement always makes such devices loud. What can be done is to place the projector on a soft surface rather than near the wall and ceiling. Opting for the right placement will make breathing easier for the projector. Furthermore, never sit near the projector. This practice also makes the device produce unpleasant sounds.

Repair the fan of your projector

A defective fan might make the projector noisy. So, repair it without any delay!  You should take your projector to an expert technician and ask him to repair the fan. If the problem is still there, you might have to install a new fan on your projector.

Change the settings 

Changing the projector settings will surely help you with noise reduction.

  1. Four color modes are generally present in a projector, and they are named as a gaming mode, cinema mode, bright and normal mode. Experts have always advised choosing the mode which consumes less power. This practice makes the projector less noisy, and quiet operations remain promised.
  2. Check the high altitude mode. If it is turned on, try turning it off for some time and look for another option to cool down the projector.
  3. Two modes are usually infused in the projector, normal and eco mode. It is better to set the projector on the eco mode to reduce unwanted noise.

Repair the projector color wheel

A damaged color wheel pushes the projector to become annoyingly noisy and loud. If there is even a minor issue with the color wheel, a buzzing sound will be continuously produced by a projector. Overall, you can resolve this issue by repairing the color wheel.

Use a hush box- a sound-absorbing box

A hush box is a sound-absorbing box. If you want to stop the projector from making unwanted noise, use a hush box. This hack certainly ensures noise reduction, and you can enjoy watching your movie without hearing unpleasant sounds.

Tighten up the Screws and the projector’s lens

It is believed that loose screws at times make the projector loud. To deal with this problem, you can tighten up the screws firmly. This practice will prevent the device from shaking and vibrating too much.

And it is also suggested to tighten the projector’s lens. The projector may produce a lot of noise if its lens has become loose or worn out.

Reduce the Projector Fan Speed

The last solution is to reduce the projector fan speed. Many projectors slow down the fan speed automatically. If it does not, you can do that on your own. High fan speed usually makes the projector noisy.


That is all about the effective tips and tricks to eliminate projector noise. We like to remind you again that solutions like keeping the projector dust-free, regularly cleaning the air filters, using the hush box, tightening the screws and lens, repairing the color wheel, and reducing the fan speed will undoubtedly work for you. Stay tuned with us to get more updates.

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