Haris Rehman

ANSI lumen

Lumen vs ANSI lumen

Do you know exactly what the clear difference between lumen and ANSI lumen is? The main difference between Lumen and ANSI Lumen is that Lumen is a measure of the total amount of light emitted by a light source, whereas ANSI Lumen measures the amount of light actually useful or relevant to a particular application. …

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Projector with Bluetooth

How to get sound from projector to Bluetooth speakers

Here we have put up a comprehensive guide on how to get excellent audio quality and rich sound from projectors to Bluetooth speakers. Some projectors have built-in speakers. You only have to turn them on, and they will start to generate rich and premium audio. On the other hand, if your projector lacks built-in speakers, …

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Do Projectors Emit Blue Light

Do Projectors Emit Blue Light? | Take Care of Your Eyes

Projectors are the most effective way to present visual material. They are used in almost every field of profession, for example, in business meetings, in classrooms as a strong audio-visual aid, and in homes to create a cinema.  No one can deny its importance and the unlimited advantages that the users are availing. Besides all …

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How to use a projector as TV 1 1

How to use a projector as a TV

Using a projector as a TV has become a common practice. Many people do not know how to use a projector as a TV. Here we will guide you in detail. You only need an HDMI cable and simply connect this cable with the TV tuner and projector output. That is all; you are done! …

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A macbook pro and projector.

Does projector work on MAC

If you are still wondering do projectors work on MAC, we are here to give in-depth details. Yes, a projector can work with MAC. The process is quick and very simple to follow. Those who have a projector with an HDMI connector, they only need an HDMI cable. Plug the cable into the MAC HDMI …

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Blue Projector

Do projectors have input lag?

Projectors and input lag go hand in hand. Less input lag in a projector keeps the gaming experience immersive, thrilling, and enjoyable.  Remember that professional and competitive gamers prefer to keep the input lag under 15 milliseconds. And concerning casual gamers, they try keeping the latency under 40 milliseconds. Here we have penned more details …

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Netflix on projector

Why can’t I play Netflix on my projector

Streaming Netflix on a projector has become an easy job. Have you ever wondered why you fail to stream Netflix on the projector? Here we are going to tell you. If you are not using a smart or Wi-Fi-enabled projector, you cannot stream Netflix on it. So, it is always advisable to prefer setting up …

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Overheated projector

How to prevent projector from overheating

Overheated projectors are so messier and more problematic to run. So, how can you prevent the projector from overheating? Many expert tips have come, and here we will share a few of them with you. Like, you must clean the filter and fan regularly. Dust off the area where you have mounted the projector. In …

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