Difference between short throw and ultra short throw projectors

Difference between short throw and ultra short throw projectors 1

It is time to clear the terms: short throw and ultra short throw projectors. We will discuss the basic difference between these terms comprehensively. The main difference between short throw and ultra short throw projectors is their throw distance. Short throw projectors have a shorter throw distance than traditional projectors, and ultra short throw projectors have an even shorter throw distance, allowing them to be placed just inches away from the screen.

A short-throw projector should be placed at a 4 to 6 feet distance to project 100 inches of image. And concerning an ultra-short throw projector, it should remain set up at 2 feet distance to exhibit 100 inches of projection. Below we have written more of the details; you can check them out:

All about a throw distance

Projectors are generally classified as long throw LT, short throw ST and ultra short throw UST projectors. It is basically a throw distance which sets apart different projector types.

It is assumed that throw distance tells how much light can travel from the lens of a projector to the screen’s surface. In addition, standard projectors can project 100 inches of images when placed 5 to 6 feet from the screen.

All about Short throw projectors

A short throw projector must remain set up at a 4 to 6 feet distance between a projector and screen. This way, it can project impressive and outstanding image quality. The projection reaches 100 inches as well. It is from a little throw distance that sizable and large projections can be generated easily.

Rest, a short throw projector tends to remain much more sensitive to the surface and angle where you have placed them! It is recommended to place such a projector on a smooth surface. In this manner, you can quickly prevent the image from getting blurred and distorted.

We have commonly spotted these ST projectors in classrooms, meeting rooms and training facilities. This projector type lets the presenter work conveniently and closely with the screen.

Thus for professional and commercial application purposes, ST projectors are widely used. Remember that for creating 100 inches of projection, there has to be a 4 to 6 feet distance difference between the projector and screen.

All about ultra-short throw projectors

Ultra short-throw projectors can project huge images when the distance between a projector and screen is 2 feet. These projectors are installed with a reflector lens to evenly spread light signals.

So, if you are specifically using this projector type and want to project 100 inches image, the throw distance should be maintained around about 3 to 20 inches, or it can be 8 to 50cm.

No wonder this projector type has become popular among business centers and educational institutions. Even for gamers, this projector type has successfully gained so much love.

It is suggested to get a light-reflecting screen specifically for this projector. This way, quality and cinematic images can be produced. Remember that an ultra-short throw projector needs more focus, and using a plain white wall for projection will not meet your needs. That is why getting a light-reflecting screen is better because it is specifically designed and intended for this type of projector. 

Short throw or ultra short throw projector- Which is best?

Below you can see which projector type is better in which area:


An ultra-short throw projector seems best to remain set up in small-size home theatres. Furthermore, a UST projector is always spotted in small and shallow rooms. The presence of wide angle lens present in this projector makes it a suitable pick to be placed in shallow rooms and also in very close proximity to the projector screen.

With the utilization of such a projector, you can catch up with a very large screen image even in a limited small space. Moreover, UST projectors do not bring the risk of shadows. On the other hand, a short throw projector is the most suitable pick for classrooms, conference rooms or meeting rooms.

Suitable for indoors or outdoors?

Both short-throw and ultra-short-throw projectors are suitable for indoors. One should avoid setting them up outdoors. These projectors have a short throw, which is why they seem appropriate for indoor premises only.

It is believed that only a long throw projector can be used outdoors and not any other type. The large throw distance range produces cinematic and reliable image quality when placed outdoors. And short throw and ultra short throw projectors look somewhat limiting in this case. They have got a very limited range and perform optimally when placed indoors.

Cost and budget-friendly aspects

Lastly, regarding the cost aspect, both short-throw and ultra short throw projectors are expensive. They do not carry a budget-friendly aspect. It is only long throw projectors currently available at lower price rates. For example, you can have the LT projector for a few hundred bucks, and ST and UST projectors cost around $1000. 

But if we specifically talk about the price difference between ST and UST projectors, it is seen that UST projectors are currently available at a premium price rate. Investing in a UST projector seems to be a preferable choice because it has a wide lens, produces fewer glares, creates less shadows, and needs less space when getting installed.


Thus, these are the basic differences which are present between short-throw and ultra short throw projectors. Reminding you again! A short throw projector is placed at 4 to 6 feet distance to project 100 inches image. And an ultra-short throw projector remains placed at 2 feet distance to create 100 inches of projection.

As you can see that the projection becomes nearly half. In addition, UST projectors come with a wide-angle lens. The throw ratio offered by these projectors is less than 0.4. It is always recommended to place such a projector just under the screen, or you can set it up just above the screen. You can keep in touch with us, and further information on the LT, ST and UST projectors will be given to you.

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