How to get sound from projector to Bluetooth speakers

Projector with Bluetooth

Here we have put up a comprehensive guide on how to get sound from projector to bluetooth speakers. Some projectors have built-in speakers. You only have to turn them on, and they will start to generate rich and premium audio. On the other hand, if your projector lacks built-in speakers, you can easily connect them with an external Bluetooth speaker system. Note that Bluetooth audio feature is not standard in all projectors.

Guide to getting sound from projectors by connecting Bluetooth speakers

Connecting speakers to the projector is an easy process. As mentioned above, some projectors have built-in speakers, so you do not need an external speaker system. If it lacks a built-in speaker system, it is recommended to connect the projector to the speaker externally.

When connecting Bluetooth speakers, ensure that your projector support and remain compatible with Bluetooth audio. Below you can check out the guide on connecting the projector to Bluetooth audio device. This generally includes speakers or headphones.

You must keep in mind that the Bluetooth audio device needs to be A2DP compliant. You will witness a delay or lag in audio output if it does not show this compliance. Furthermore, if you have planned to pair up a Bluetooth audio device to the projector, you need to disable the built-in speaker system and the audio output port.

  1. The first step is to turn on the projector. Click on the ‘’Menu’’ button and choose the ‘’Settings’’ menu. Press ‘’enter’’.
  2. Pick the option, ”HDMI link,” and hit ”enter”.
  3. Choose the audio output device and click enter.
  4. Now, you need to choose the option, ”Projector,” and get back to the settings menu.
  5. Choose Bluetooth; after that, hit the Bluetooth Audio option and press Enter.
  6. Choose ”on,” and once you have pressed the ‘Escape” button, you need to get back to the Bluetooth menu.
  7. Whatever Bluetooth audio device you have selected, make sure that it should be in pairing or discovery mode.
  8. Clicking on the option, Search Bluetooth Device, you will get a list of available devices.
  9. Pick up the device and press Enter.
  10. Now, whenever you turn on the projector, the Bluetooth device will automatically connect.

When is it possible to connect a Bluetooth Speaker to your Projector?

You can connect a Bluetooth speaker to your projector if it has a built-in Bluetooth audio system installed. You can check this feature by reading out the manual. Under the tech specs section, the manufacturer has clearly highlighted whether the projector has built-in Bluetooth capability.

Is it important for a Projector to Have Bluetooth Audio Capability?

It is assumed to be good if a projector is packed with Bluetooth capability. The presence of a built-in Bluetooth audio feature discards the need to connect external speakers. In addition, such projectors handle audio processing efficiently and effectively. 

What to do if your projector does not have Bluetooth built-in?

You can use a wireless Bluetooth speaker if your projector lacks a Bluetooth built-in feature. In this case, you need a good-quality adapter that connects to the projector’s 3.5mm jack and converts the audio signal to Bluetooth. 

Furthermore, it is suggested to keep the transmitter and speaker in pairing mode. On successfully establishing and creating the connection, audio will be generated from the projector. You can supply power to the Bluetooth transmitter by using an open port located on the projector.

How to get audio from a projector?

Many ways are introduced, which guide how to get audio from projectors. The common method is to use a receiver or amplifier. Below we have penned the guide that explains how to use a receiver or amplifier to generate audio from the projector. Rest, if you do not have a receiver, you can try some other alternate paths that we have also discussed over here:

Use a Receiver/Amplifier

If you want to get rich audio quality from a projector, it is suggested to use a receiver or amplifier. The usage of a premium-quality receiver makes it easy for you to generate the best audio. A range of receivers is available in the market; you can choose any of them.

Most importantly, a receiver act and primarily functions as a hub because here, everything will be connected with each other. The receiver consists of HDMI inputs where you plug in the players like Google TV or PlayStation. Its primary function is to carry out audio decoding. This way, you get the best and most desirable sound experience. Rest, it features HDMI OUT. Your projector will be connected to this output.

What to do if you do not have a receiver?

You can get audio from the projector without using a receiver. That is done by investing in good-quality speakers and simply connecting them with your projector!

A few of the projectors have an audio out port, which comes in the form of a 3.5mm headphone jack. In this port, you can connect external speakers. You only have to run the 3.5mm audio cable from your projector audio port to the speaker input port.

It is assumed that the 3.5mm jack generates premium stereo audio quality. The only drawback of this method is that long cables might cause the risk of ‘audio delay,’ and overall audio quality can also decrease.

Furthermore, it is recommended to get speakers which feature HDMI Input as well as HDMI Output. In this manner, you end up catching the best audio quality and easily loop out the video signal to your projector. 


So, what’s the bottom line? The process looks easy regarding how to get sound from the projector to Bluetooth speakers. You can let us know how you generate audio output. More details are yet to come, so stay tuned with us.

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