How to use a projector as a TV

How to use a projector as TV 1 1

Using a projector as a TV has become a common practice. Many people do not know how to use a projector as a TV. Here we will guide you in detail. You only need an HDMI cable and simply connect this cable with the TV tuner and projector output. That is all; you are done!

Once the connection is successfully established, you can stream your favorite channels and shows on the projector. The rest of the details are written below. You can check out the guide, and in case of any further confusion, please let us know anytime.

Guide to using a projector as a TV

This respective guide is available in a series of steps. It is very easy to follow. You need to determine whether you want to use the streaming device, TV tuner, or cable box to establish a connection with the projector.

  1. The first step is to set up the projector and screen properly.
  2. Get hold of the HDMI cable and connect it firmly with the projector output and also the TV tuner. If you do not have a TV tuner, you can use a streaming device or cable box as an alternative.
  3. Next, connect the projector to a speaker system.
  4. That is all; you are almost done. Now, you can smoothly stream your shows and movies on the projector and conveniently use it as a TV.

Ways to use a projector as a TV

There are many ways that let you use projectors as TVs. Below we have written the required details about this discussion:

Connecting the projector with a streaming device

You can definitely build a successful connection between a projector and a streaming device. Here you need an HDMI cable, and that is all! Connect the cable with the projector and streaming devices like we have Roku and Fire Stick, and stream your favorite channels.

Connecting the projector with a cable box

If you want to stream live TV content on a projector, you can easily do that now! In this regard, you have to connect the projector to a cable box. In doing so, the TV content will immediately be displayed on the projector screen. Here you again need the HDMI cable. Once the connection is established, every TV station content will get smoothly projected on the screen.

Connecting the projector with a TV tuner

It is assumed that connecting the projector and TV tuner lets you use the projection device as a TV. Note that TV tuners work the same way as cable boxes. Just link the cable box with the projector via HDMI cable and stream the local broadcast channels.

How to Connect TV to Projector Wirelessly

Some prefer connecting the TV set to a projector wirelessly. Do you want to know how this process goes? Please see the below-written details:

Use a wireless transmitter gadget

With the help of wire-free set-ups, you can conveniently and quickly connect your TV right to the projector set. This whole process is done with the help of a wireless transmitter gadget. Furthermore, this option allows you to install the projector anywhere, whether inside or outside your home.

Most importantly, a wireless transmitter gadget is compatible with all devices with the HDMI port. We all know that projectors have HDMI ports. You can certainly connect a wireless transmitter with any projector in this manner.

On establishing the connection successfully, you will see that the live-streaming option will be turned on. Moreover, you can stream your favorite shows, which are available on YouTube or other social media sites, by projecting them on a big screen. This one is a cable-free method; hopefully, you will find it extremely convenient.

Simply connect a wireless transmitter with the HDMI port of your TV and projector, and you are good to go! Make sure that enough power is supplied to the transmitter and projector.

The other way to establish the connection wirelessly is by opting for the Wi-Fi method. It is strongly believed that the wireless method is a preferable pick because it does not create any clutter in the room. Kids and adults can freely roam in the room if there are no wires over there. So, whenever you plan to use the projector as a TV, opting for the wireless method is repeatedly advised.

Benefits of using a projector as a TV

  1. Utilizing a projector as a TV has always been so much fun and enjoyable.
  2. When you stream your favorite channel, movie, or show on a big screen, the experience becomes magical.
  3. Projectors offer high-definition and cinematic views.
  4. A comfortable viewing experience remains guaranteed. When you watch any movie or show on a big screen, your eyes remain comfortable, and no strain exists.
  5. Projectors consume minimal wall or floor space. They are generally of small size, and you can easily place them on a shelf.
  6. In addition, projectors are travel-friendly and portable. You cannot carry a whole TV set if you plan to go on a camping trip. But you can definitely carry a projector along with you.
  7. Projector’s screen size looks so amazing. Watching movies and shows on a big screen gives us a vibe as if we have entered a different universe. The projection goes all up to 120 inches which is remarkable.


That is all about the guide on how to use the projector as a TV. Remember that an HDMI cable is needed, and that is all. Connect the cable with the projector and TV tuner/ streaming device/cable box. You can also connect the projector to the TV set wirelessly. The minute the connection is established, all TV content will immediately be displayed on the projector screen.

Now, the decision is up to you whether you want to opt for the wired or wireless method. Time to watch your favorite sports channel, movie, or TV serial on a big screen! If small TV sets no longer excite you, replace them with a projector screen. You can also use your mac to connect with a projector.

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