Does projector work on MAC

A macbook pro and projector.

If you are still wondering do projectors work on MAC, we are here to give in-depth details. Yes, a projector can work with MAC. The process is quick and very simple to follow. Those who have a projector with an HDMI connector, they only need an HDMI cable. Plug the cable into the MAC HDMI and projector port, and that is all; you are done!

How to connect the projector to MAC?

You can see this guide which clearly explains how to connect the MAC to the projector:

  1. Turn on the MAC.
  2. Plug your projector into the electrical outlet. Turn it on as well.
  3. Get the video cable and connect it with both the projector and MAC. The video cable can be the HDMI cable or the VGA cable. Note that to establish the connection, you need a MAC adapter cable. So, get that one too!
  4. Once the projector and MAC are properly connected, access the display preferences. Most people prefer the ”Mirror” mode because it projects smoothly whatever is being shown and displayed on the MAC laptop screen. Those who have older Macs can access the Mirror Displays box right there in the Arrangement tab.
  5. If the MAC fails to detect the projector automatically, click on the option ‘’Detect displays’’.
  6. That is all; your MAC is successfully connected to the projector. You can now watch a movie or stream a show whenever you like it.

Why are some people unable to connect MAC with a projector?

Various reasons make it harder for the person to connect MAC to a projector. 

There might be a problem with connectors and adapters

When you fail to establish a connection between MAC and the projector, the primary reason can be the connectors and adapters have become defective. It is recommended to double-check whether connectors are in a workable state or whether the adapters are working fine or not. If there is an issue, MAC will not be able to recognize your projector.

SMU and NVRAM systems are not properly set

Another reason which causes glitches while connecting MAC and projector! If SMU and NVRAM systems are not properly set, you will likely encounter this issue. You need to connect both of these systems using proper cables and adapters.

Furthermore, reset the System Management Unit SMU as well as the Non-Volatile RAM system to clear out corrupt display settings. The resetting of SMU depends on whether the MAC uses a removable battery or the built-in battery. On the other, the resetting of NVRAM is done by keep on pressing and holding a combination of keys.

You are not following the right connection order

If you are not following the right connection order, it means you will remain unsuccessful in connecting MAC and the projector. The wrong connection order causes this glitch.

If you want your MAC to get hooked up with the projector smoothly, it is mandatory for you to follow the right order in terms of making connections. The right order goes in this manner:

  • Turn off your Mac. Plug in the video cable and the necessary adapter. 
  • Turn on the projector. Please wait a few minutes and allow it to process and initialize the settings.
  • The next step is to set the input mode of your projector. Setting the input mode will automatically allow the projector to look for MAC data.
  • Now, you can turn on the Mac. Thus, following this sequence, you can smoothly connect your Mac to your projector. This sequence keenly checks the external peripherals and allows both devices to prepare for proper interaction.

The display mode, mirroring, and screen resolution are not correctly matched

If there exists a mismatching concerning the mirroring, display mode, and screen resolutions, it is assumed that you can never connect the MAC and projector. It is important for you to set the MAC settings with your projector settings accurately.

  1. What you can do is access the system preferences right from the Apple menu. Open up the “Displays” preference pane. Use the Display tab and set the resolution. 
  2. It is suggested to use the “Detect Displays” button so that the MAC system can look for the projector if it fails to detect and recognize automatically. 
  3. You can look for the projector’s native resolution right there in its documentation and make it match the Mac resolution correspondingly.
  4. You must set the resolution same on your MAC and projector if you want to stream or watch any movie smoothly.
  5. In addition, keep the “Mirror Displays” settings the same as well.

Why should you connect your MAC with a projector?

We’ve talked about a lot of benefits, which push people to connect MAC with their projectors. First of all, establishing such a connection makes streaming so enjoyable. It lets you stream on a big screen.

Suppose your favorite sports tournament is coming, and you need to do something other than stream it on MAC. So, connect the MAC with a projector and stream that same sports tournament on the big screen. Thus, viewing experiences get enhanced and upgraded. HDMI cable is all you need during this whole connection setup process.

In addition, the same process can be followed if you want to connect your PC, laptop, phone, or other devices with the projector. HDMI cable plays the most important part. These days, every projector has an HDMI connector. That is why this whole process has become easy and simple.


If you still have questions regarding whether projectors work on MAC, you can ask us. The process is smooth to follow if you want to connect MAC with the projector and stream your favorite sports tournament or movie and show. Just get the HDMI cable and quickly establish the connection. Stay tuned with us so that if more methods are devised regarding connecting MAC and projector, we will let you know about them.

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