How to fix stuck pixels

Stuck Pixels in Projector

Stuck pixels are always problematic to see on the screen. So, how to fix them? Below you can check out the guide, which tells you the simple way of fixing stuck pixels. Some people call them dead or hot pixels as well. These defective pixels come in the form of bright or dark spots on your screen. At times, the damaged pixel appears in red, green, or blue color. Overall, you can definitely get rid of this problem. You can through the below-written details:

Method to fix stuck pixels

  1. The very first step is that you have to turn off the monitor.
  2. Get a damp cloth; make sure that it should be soft as well. In this way, no scratches will come onto your screen.
  3. Now, you can rub the screen with this damp cloth. 
  4. Apply gentle and even pressure.
  5. Turn on the screen and see whether the stuck pixels are gone.
  6. That is all; you are done.

This one is the basic guide we have explained on fixing stuck pixels, and it works on a range of screens, be it the screen of a PC monitor, tablet, or iPad.

How to determine whether the pixel is dead or stuck?

Remember that it is possible to fix stuck pixels, but it becomes somewhat challenging to get rid of dead pixels. So, how to determine that your screen has been attacked by a stuck or a dead pixel? We will tell you.

A stuck pixel appears in colors like red, green, and blue. At times, they come in cyan, magenta, and yellow shades. On the other hand, a dead pixel comes in black. Here all of the sub-pixels remain permanently off. The primary cause which leads to the occurrence of dead pixels is the broken transistor.

You must avoid mixing a stuck pixel with a hot pixel. Both are different! Note that hot pixels appear in digital cameras. Whenever the electrical charge leak right into the camera’s sensor wells, a hot pixels problem will occur!

More ways and top solutions to fix stuck pixels

As mentioned above, we have shared a manual method to remove the stuck pixels. That manual method only needs a soft, damp cloth. There are other ways and hacks which you can follow too:

JScreenFix tool

You can use the JScreenFix tool to fix the stuck pixels. Simply click on the button that states ‘’Launch JScreenFix,” and this tool will start to work. A black browser window will get loaded along with a square of flashing pixels. What you need to do is to hit on the green button to go full screen. The next step is to drag the flashing square where you spotted stuck pixels and keep dragging them for ten minutes. Triggering every stuck pixel will fix them right away.


UDPixel tool is another tool that you can utilize for fixing stuck pixels. This tool is, at times, known as UndeadPixel. It is purely a Windows tool that lets you spot and immediately fix the stuck pixel. You need a Microsoft .NET Framework if you wish to run this tool. Furthermore, this respective tool detects other screen irregularities.


Some prefer using the PixelHealer tool! It is a Windows app that detects stuck or dead pixels without hassle. Aurelitec developed this Windows app. The minute you run this app onto your device, it will flash black and white as well as basic colors in a dragging window.

Restarting the device

It believes to be the smart and workable hack that you can opt for. If you notice that the screen is fully jam-packed with stuck or dead pixels, it is recommended to start the device. In doing so, there is a likelihood that stuck pixels will be gone for good. It is assumed to be a straightforward method that you can effortlessly follow. Just refresh the screen whenever it shows a glitch.

Wiping the Screen with a Soft and Screen-Friendly Cloth

Wiping the monitor screen with a soft and screen-friendly cloth is advisable. This is an effective trick that you can follow without hassle. Dead or stuck pixels bring a lot of mess on the screen. They make the screen looks extremely gross.

According to experts, it is suggested to get a screen-friendly and soft cloth and wipe it onto the screen, which is attacked by stuck pixels. You can even utilize a screen-cleaning spray to wipe the display.

The only thing to remember is to avoid applying too much pressure on the screen. In doing so, you might damage the screen, and stuck pixels will remain there. Gentle pressure should be applied, and that is all.

Tests to monitor stuck pixels

You never know when your new monitor will get attacked by bad or stuck pixels. Some tests have been introduced that will help you determine whether your monitor screen is free from stuck pixels.

EIZO Monitor Test

It seems to be the most effective and workable tool, which quickly checks whether the monitor screen has stuck pixels. No hassle will be there while using it. Once the tool is installed on your device, click on the button ”start test” and the full-screen test will get launched.

Online tools like these quickly identify the presence of bad pixels and test the monitor quality. If no stuck pixel is spotted, it means your monitor screen is fine. And if bad pixels are spotted, this tool will provide you with several solutions.


That is all from our side on how to fix and get rid of stuck pixels. We hope that the hacks mentioned earlier and the solutions will solve a bit of your problem. This issue is not permanent, and you can definitely deal with it. Please let us know what other tips and tricks you follow to fix stuck pixels. Stay tuned for more updates.

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