How does DOTS projector work

DOTS projector

No wonder the arrival of a DOTS projector has brought so much ease to hunt for paranormal activities, spirits movements and identifying ghosts. Here on this webpage, you will learn how the DOTS projector works. If any query comes to your mind, feel free to let us know!

With the help of a DOTS projector, you can quickly identify the primary location of ghosts and spirits. Furthermore, you can know about their residence and travel patterns without hassle. In the past, hunting ghosts used to be a challenging and time-consuming activity. But the launch of a DOTS projector has made our job easy and simple. 

Instead of using spirit boxes and other equipment to trace paranormal activities, a single projector is needed now. With its proper use, you can collect ample evidence of whether any spirit or ghost is living in the respective location or not. Thus, a DOTS Projector can truly identify and track where the ghost resides. Below you can see further details on it:

DOTS projector and Phasmophobia

If you have played the horror game, Phasmophobia, you must be very well aware of the use of Phasmophobia. Here the player embraces the role of a ghost hunter. He looks for evidence regarding paranormal activities and spirits evidence. In this game, the DOTS projector is used as a starter tool for hunting and quickly tracking ghostly activities. This same projector protects you from ghosts and makes it easy for you to win the game.

The working mechanism of a DOTS projector

The DOTS Projector display laser light dots in the room where you have placed it. These laser light dots highlight paranormal activities and ghost movements and tell whether any spirit is living here. In addition, the room gets surrounded by a dotted area, and the person catches up with an approximate knowledge of where the ghost entity is and where he is currently planning to go.

You must not hold the DOTS projector. It must be placed or to be mounted somewhere in the room. Choose the spot where you can receive a 360-degree view of the room. If you hold this projector, it will not work at all. You can attach it to a wall, which seems to be a suitable spot.

The general way of using it is mentioned below:

  1. Get the D.O.T.S Projector.
  2. Choose a hard surface where you want to mount the projector. Like, you can choose a wall, door or floor. It can be any kind of flat surface where you can conveniently and safely keep the DOTS projector.
  3. Press ‘F.’
  4. The projector will immediately be turned on and begin working.
  5. A bright green light gets emitted, signaling that the projector is working.

How the DOTS projector identifies ghosts and tracks paranormal activities?

As mentioned above, the DOTS projector helps you identify paranormal and ghostly activities. It has proved to be the most valuable equipment to carry out spirits identification. Just place this projector in a room where you suspect ghost-like activities are occurring. Common ghosts which are quickly hunted by the DOTS projector include Wraith, Phantom, as well as Banshee, Yurei, and Oni.

Furthermore, the ghosts or any spirit revealed by this projector appear very faint. You must collect the evidence quickly because these ghosts come and go literally in seconds. Setting the camera on night vision in the same room where you have placed the projector is recommended. You must watch discreetly until you are done with your job.

How to install a DOTS projector?

The overall installation process looks simple. You can mount the projector near the wall, ceiling, or floor. So far, these are a few of the appropriate spots which you can consider. The laser light dots will appear in the room upon turning on the projector.

What happens when the DOTS projector is turned on?

Once you have successfully installed the DOTS projector,  please turn it on. A matrix of green laser light dots will surround the room. These green dots emanate from the projector. You must pay very close attention to this matrix of green dots. If any ghost or spirit passes through these dots, they will be illuminated. 

From here, you can easily track the ghost movement and effortlessly identify the paranormal entity. The ghost or spirit revealed by this projector will appear very dull and dim. As time passes, the evidence starts to faint, so collect it on a priority basis. You might miss catching the ghost trace if you make a delay even for a second.

What does the spirit or ghost look like when detected by the DOTS projector?

The spirit or ghost appears in the form of a faint, dim and white figure the minute it gets detected by the DOTS projector. In other words, when the ghost or any paranormal activity makes an interaction with the projector, it will appear as a white figure surrounded by green laser dots.

You will generally see that the ghost or spirit walks or runs through the grid. All this evidence can be collected by setting up a video camera in the room. Make sure to get a high-quality video camera to monitor the video feeds from the car or van easily.


Now, you know how a DOTS projector works! Suppose you have been assigned to identify ghost-like activities, track and trace the spirits’ residence, or hunt for paranormal activities. In that case, you can definitely use the DOTS projector.

Stay tuned, and we will update you regularly on what other technological advancements have been made to this projector! Time to hunt the ghosts with utmost accuracy and super precision, and this job looks no longer tough and challenging. Just invest in the DOTS projector, and you can smoothly collect evidence regarding ghosts’ movements and paranormal activities.

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