Does projector work with PS4

A projector and a playstation 4

Do you feel like connecting your projector to PS4? Yes, you can do that! Gaming on big screens feels like your biggest dream has been fulfilled. No wonder you do not feel that rich excitement and enjoyment when playing games on small screens.

Times have changed, and gamers prefer playing action-packed and shooting games on big screens. When we say the word big screen, the first word that comes to mind is a projector.

Here you can check out the method on how to connect your projector to PS4. The process looks easy, and you need an HDMI cable to perform this job. You can use the DVI to HDMI adapter if the projector lacks an HDMI port.

Guide to connecting the projector with PS4

You can have a look at this guide which illustrates how to establish a connection between a projector and a PS4:

  1. Get an HDMI cable. What you need to do is to connect this HDMI cable to the HDMI/MHL port of your projector.
  2. The next step is to connect the other end of that HDMI cable right to the video output port of your PlayStation.
  3. Turn on your projector and PS4.
  4. Access your projector’s Input/Source menu and set the input source to HDMI.
  5. Now, you need to exit the Input/Source menu, and in doing so, the output from the PS4 will be visible.
  6. That is all; you have connected your projector to PS4.

You can also follow this guide if you have PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 or a portable gaming console. HDMI cable is needed, and a quick connection will be created. Rest, you have to familiarize yourself with some connection ports.

How to connect the projector and PS4 if you do not have an HDMI cable?

You can connect the projector and PS4 even if you do not have an HDMI cable. That is done by using the DVI to HDMI adapter.

It is fine if you cannot find the HDMI cable or your projector lacks an HDMI port. You can still establish the connection in a trouble-free manner. Here you only need alternative cables, adapters or converters. As mentioned above, we have talked about the DVI to HDMI adapter.

Before establishing the connection, you must check which port your projector has! It is generally seen that some projectors have a coaxial input, some have composite ports and some are packed with the DVI input, and others have a VGA port which is known as the video graphics array port.

Note that composite cable ports look like a trio of red, white, and yellow inputs. On the other hand, the DVI input port looks somewhat bulkier. For those who have decided to use the DVI or VGA port, it is important for them to get the HDMI to DVI converter for connecting their projector and PS4.

What kind of projector to choose if you often connect it to PS4?

Many people need clarification regarding what kind of projector to choose if they often connect it to PS4.

  1. If you have planned to get a projector specifically for gaming purposes, select the model with the HDMI or MHL port. This way, you can easily connect that projector to any PlayStation model.
  2. Furthermore, look for a model which is packed with wireless connectivity capability.
  3. Choose a projector which can process the signals fast enough. It should not create any delay or lag at its end.
  4. A projector intended for gaming purposes must display cinematic quality and high-definition images.
  5. Getting a projector with a short throw is recommended because it will give you great gaming/playing time. Short-throw projectors let you project big images without setting them up at a long distance.

Why it seems preferable to connect the projector to your PS4?

  1. Your gaming time becomes enjoyable when you connect your PS4 to the projector and play games on the big screen.
  2. The image quality becomes more digital, cinematic and crisp.
  3. You catch up with a bigger display.
  4. Your overall gaming experience becomes larger than life.
  5. Playing games on a big screen reduces eye strain and any kind of discomfort.
  6. The gaming experience gets elevated.
  7. Using a projector for playing games lets you split the screen display. And you can smoothly play multiplayer games.

Downsides of connecting the projector with PS4

It has become quite obvious that connecting the projector with PS4 has become a widely embraced practice. But you might encounter a few downsides and glitches:

  1. You might see issues in terms of brightness, resolution and clarity.
  2. It might become impossible or somewhat harder for the projector to mimic the gaming pixels’ quality.
  3. Richer colors may not be able to get projected successfully if the projector you have chosen is of a traditional type.
  4. The projector may not boast or successfully display a robust stereo output. The sound seems to be a very critical aspect when playing games on a projector. You can only get an immersive experience if the projector delivers excellent audio quality. So, invest in good quality speakers if you have planned to play your favorite game on a projector.
  5. The projector might take a bit longer to play the game.
  6. Playing games on a projector for hours and hours will heat the device leading to malfunctioning.
  7. The projector might produce a lot of noise if you play games. This brings annoying experiences for gamers.


So, that is all about the extensive details regarding how to connect the projector to your PS4. You can ask us if you have any further questions about this guide. We again like to tell you that you need an HDMI cable to connect your projector to PS4 quickly. If a projector does not have an HDMI port, as an alternative, you can have the DVI to HDMI adapter. Stay tuned with us, more informative updates are coming up.

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