Does projector work with Chromecast

A projector with chromecast device.

Yes, projectors do work with Chromecast. Do you want to know how this process goes? Please see the written details. With the help of an HDMI port, you can successfully establish the connection between your projector and Chromecast. Navigate through the settings to the correct input and effortlessly connect your android device to the Chromecast attached to the projector. The remaining details are mentioned below:

Does Chromecast work on a projector?

Yes, Chromecast works very well on a projector as it does with a PS4. You can quickly connect Chromecast to a projector. Once the wireless connection is established, you can cast and stream your favorite movies, sports games, and shows right on this comprehensive device. The process looks relatively simple and hassle-free to follow.

Note that if your projector supports HDCP, what you need to do is plug the device right there into the HDMI port. On the other hand, projectors not supporting HDCP can use the HDMI splitter to establish the connection smoothly.

Benefits of running Chromecast on a projector

  1. Running Chromecast on your video projector will let you stream your favorite shows and movies.
  2. Establishing such a connection allows you to upgrade your movie-watching time.
  3. The overall network viewing experience is enhanced.
  4. It is assumed that Google Chromecast takes the whole projection experience to an upgraded level.
  5. Chromecast has become the best and ideal solution to stream content effortlessly. The device is so small, discrete, and easy to connect.
  6. No wires and additional cables are needed to create a connection. You only need a single cable for the power source adapter. 
  7. You can even control the streaming device with a remote. Or you can connect the Chromecast device to your smartphone.

Guide to connecting the Chromecast device with the projector

You can check out the below-written guide, which explains how to connect a Google Chromecast device to the projector:

Step 1: Plugging the Chromecast device into the HDMI port

The first step is to plug the Google Chromecast device into the HDMI port. Some people prefer converting the HDMI port into a full-sized port. Some people prefer using a 4K HDMI splitter with their smart home theater to keep up with high-bandwidth content and allow the audio or video stream smoothly.

Remember that if your projector is not compatible with HDCP, then Chromecast will not ever get played on the projector. In case you find an incompatibility issue, it is recommended to use the HDMI splitter.

Step 2: Connecting the audio

The next step is connecting the audio! To ensure smooth audio streaming capabilities, you must double-check whether the speakers are properly connected. There is no point in streaming if the video is displayed smoothly, but the audio part shows glitches.

To solve this issue, you can use the Chromecast audio extractor. Connect its one end to the Chromecast device, which will be later on connected with the speakers. And connect the other end right to the HDMI port. Thus, your audio issue will be settled, and you can stream smoothly.

Step 3: Adjusting the projector settings

You must carefully adjust the projector settings. The minute you plug the Chromecast device into the projector’s HDMI port, adjust the settings manually and start streaming your favorite audio/video content. 

Furthermore, choose “HDMI” as the input selection option. This button is generally located on top of your projector. If it is not there, go to settings and access this option.

Step 4: Setting up Chromecast on the mobile device

This one is an important step that you must follow. Setting up Chromecast on a mobile device lets you use the Chromecast App easily, and you can smoothly manage your preferences and settings by using your phone.

Step 5: Connecting Chromecast to Google Home

The last step is to connect Chromecast to Google Home. To perform this step, make sure you are connected to wi-fi, then simply log into your Google Home App and add the respective device you wish to connect with your smart projector. The device which you have selected should be connected to the WiFi network.

More about connecting Chromecast and Projector

The Chromecast device has become a popular and widely used streaming device. People extensively prefer this device because it is smooth and quick to connect with the projector. By using the Chromecast device, you can conveniently stream and watch everything.

In addition, you can access TV, apps and channels like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu. The process no longer looks daunting if you want to connect and make Chromecast work with your projector. Simply follow the quick above-written tutorial, and you are good to go.

An HDMI or a USB cable is what you need for this method to run successfully on your laptop. One end of the cable will be connected to the Chromecast device, and the other will be inserted into the projector HDMI port.

Problems you might encounter when connecting a Chromecast to a Projector

Remember that there might be some problems that you will face when connecting the Google Chromecast with your projector:

  1. You shall experience audio/video glitches.
  2. Occasionally, video content fails to cast and stream smoothly on your portable projector. And at times, audio content starts showing issues.
  3. Your streaming might get disrupted in the middle if the wireless connection becomes unstable.


That is all about the discussion on do projectors work with Chromecast! Yes, you can make the Chromecast device to get connected to your projector. We have mentioned the simplest method, and you can follow it anytime. Get the HDMI cable and make it plugged in and properly inserted into the projector HDMI port and Chromecast device HDMI port. That is all! Navigating the correct input settings remains a must. If you’ve used a different process for wifi or bluetooth connecting Chromecast and your portable projector, please let us know. Right now, it is the beginner-friendly guide that we have discussed above. Stay tuned and in touch with us, and more ways to connect Chromecast and projector with be shared with our fellow readers.

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