How to prevent projector from overheating

Overheated projector

Overheated projectors are so messier and more problematic to run. So, how can you prevent the projector from overheating? Many expert tips have come, and here we will share a few of them with you. Like, you must clean the filter and fan regularly. Dust off the area where you have mounted the projector. In addition, ensure the fan is not blocked. Try adding an external fan if the overheating problem has become severe.

Rest, some people prefer keeping a cooling pad right under the projector. These are the basic and simple ways to keep the projector cool and prevent it from overheating.

Remember that if the projector becomes excessively hot, there is a chance that its inner components will burn out. You can prevent all these problematic scenarios if you follow the following solutions. In this post, we have correctly identified why the projector overheats and what can be done to prevent overheating:

Causes of projector overheating

First of all, you must know why projectors get so overheated. Below we have highlighted a few of the important causes:

  1. Projectors overheat because you have not placed them in the correct spot where they can properly ventilate heat. If you have tucked the projector in a closed shelf, it will ultimately fail to ventilate heat, and the whole heat output will be trapped and jam-packed around the projector.
  2. Dirty filters cause overheating! If the air filters remain surrounded by dust and debris, this situation eventually leads to overheating. A properly cleaned air filter ensures heat ventilation. And dirty filters fail to perform this job.
  3. Keeping the projector in a very small, warm, and stuffy room causes overheating. Too small rooms fail to ensure adequate heat ventilation process. Especially during the summer months, projectors become extremely overheated when placed in small rooms.

Tips to prevent projector from overheating

Let us talk about some important tips for preventing the projector from overheating. If you come across a similar kind of problem as well, you can definitely follow these solutions:

Clean the air filter

Cleaning the air filter of your projector remains a must. Dirty air filters do not guarantee a proper heat ventilation process. Excessive heat gets trapped around the projector if you delay the process of cleaning air filters. Dust and debris accumulated on the filters lead to clogging and ultimately prevent airflow.

So, make it a mandatory practice to clean the projector filters. Whatever projector model you have, please read its manual beforehand to know the exact process of cleaning and maintaining the filters.

Dust off the area Where the Projector is mounted

Keep the surrounding area clean enough where you have mounted the projector. For example, if you have placed the projector on a shelf, near the wall or ceiling, keep that area clean and regularly dust it off.

It is assumed that accumulated dust causes overheating and also blocks the cooling vents. The recommended solution is to clean the area at least once a week. This way, the projector can smoothly ventilate heat.

Place a cooling pad right under the projector

If you have placed a projector on the shelf, keeping a cooling pad under it is always advisable. This way, the device can remain cool for hours and hours, and no extra heat will be trapped around it. Thus, cooling pads prevent the device from overheating and ensure noise-free operations.

In the past, cooling pads were used to be only placed under laptops to keep them cool. But these pads are now excessively used by projector owners as well. They found that cooling pads have sorted out their problem and helped them keep their projection devices cool for hours and hours.

Check the projector fan condition

Double-check whether the projector fan is blocked or not. If it is blocked, the device will certainly become overheated. Blocked fans cannot ventilate heat properly and accumulate massive dust and debris. Such a blockage leads to overheating problems. A blocked fan even blocks the airflow and burns out internal components of the projector system. 

Add an External Fan 

If you think more than a single fan is needed to cool down the projector, you can add an external fan. Install it properly, and hopefully, the presence of two fans will keep the projector cool and not so hot as long as it is turned on. It is recommended to get a small fan and plug it either in front or back side of the projector. Thus, the overall purpose is to circulate more air and ventilate heat.

Keep the projector to stay away from devices that generate heat

Keeping the projector in an isolated place and not near the devices that generate heat will keep it cool. It is commonly noticed that most entertainment setups place projectors near the units which produce heat. And this practice overheats the projector.

So, avoid keeping it too close to such units. Rather fix a separate and dedicated place where you will keep the projector. The heat coming from other units ultimately overpowers the projector’s fan, and it fails to move the hot air. It is believed that ceiling mounts seem the best spot for projectors. A projector mounted on the ceiling keeps the cooling vents open.


It is high time to stop making your projector from overheating. You can follow the best solutions written above, and we are hopeful that each of these tips and tricks will work. You can share with us how you keep the projector cool. 

We all know that hours of watching movies or playing games overheat the device. Prolonged use of a projector traps excessive heat around it, and you never know if a severely overheated projector shows malfunctions.

So, reminding you again! Cleaning the air filter, adding an external fan, placing a cooling pad under the projector, ensuring that the fan is not blocked, and dusting off the area where you have mounted the projector. These are the expert-suggested hacks that will surely prevent overheating. If the problem persists, you can seek the services of a technician. Stay tuned and connect with us on this webpage.

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