How to use a projector as TV 1 1

How to use a projector as a TV

Using a projector as a TV has become a common practice. Many people do not know how to use a projector as a TV. Here we will guide you in detail. You only need an HDMI cable and simply connect this cable with the TV tuner and projector output. That is all; you are done! …

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Blue Projector

Do projectors have input lag?

Projectors and input lag go hand in hand. Less input lag in a projector keeps the gaming experience immersive, thrilling, and enjoyable.  Remember that professional and competitive gamers prefer to keep the input lag under 15 milliseconds. And concerning casual gamers, they try keeping the latency under 40 milliseconds. Here we have penned more details …

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family watching family video on projector screen

Best Ways to Use Projectors

Can you think of fun, cool, and super creative ways to use projectors? Projectors are now spotted in almost every home or office. You can have them for watching movies, playing games, streaming content, recipe projection, and bedtime storyline purpose, and also for conducting business presentations and projecting seasonal decorations. No doubt, projectors have become …

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