Why is Projector Not Playing Sound? | An Update about Projector’s Audio

Troubleshooting Projector

Projectors are one of the most versatile output devices which are playing a vital role in so many fields. These are not only a source of entertainment but also a source of transferring information in a more conducive way. 

We can’t deny its importance, but we can also not overlook the issues that are associated with the use of projectors.

Among all the problems related to projectors, the sound issue should be mentioned at the top, and this is one of the most disappointing issues.

If you are dealing with technical issues, for example, why is the projector not playing sound, then you are at the right place.

Projectors are sometimes unable to play sound. And this creates such an embarrassing situation, especially if you are presenting something important in front of your employees or colleagues.

So if you want to save yourself from this nightmare, then you should fix the problem so that it can’t happen in your life.

Don’t get frustrated and read this article if you are serious about getting an ultimate solution to this. We are going to cover all the mandatory information related to the topic below. So go ahead!

Some Major Reasons Why the Projector is Not Playing Sound

If you are also one of those million people who don’t get sound while they are presenting the presentation in a conference or in a lecture or those who can see the movie but are unable to play the sound, then you should read this informative article thoroughly.

Here are some reasons why is the projector not playing sound. So go ahead to read!

  1. Check the Volume Settings on Projector

The most common reason that contributes to no audio from the projector is the low volume of the projector. Moreover, the sound may be turned off.

To fix it, press the + button on the remote control or the control panel of the projector. This will increase the sound to the limit you want.

If there is no sound heard, then press the A/V button and unmute the audio on the projector.

If you are using the projector by connecting it to the application, then go and check the volume settings of the application.

  1. Update the Applications

If you have installed some applications on your projector, then do check the update status of these apps. The apps that need to be updated might create a problem, such as no sound or low sound.

So if you find any application to be updated, then allow the device to upgrade its status.

  1. Choose a Projector as an Audio Output on the Laptop

If you are using a projector with a laptop, then you must select the projector as an audio output. This is an effective method to get sound back on the projector.

There are two ways to select the projector as an audio source. This can be easily done through both wired and wireless ways. With the aux cable, you can connect the laptop through the projector.

But for a wireless method, you should follow these steps:

  1. From the windows on the laptop, go to the sound settings.
  2. Here choose the audio output option, which you can easily find in sound settings.
  3. Select the projector as an external audio source.
  4. If the audio output is already set as default, choose the projector as the audio source from other options.

Tips to Get Sound to Play on the Projector

Most commonly, the projectors are connected to other devices like laptops or mobile phones through Bluetooth. And it is easy to control the volume on the projector with the help of a Bluetooth connection.

But this is not always as simple as it seems, as many factors contribute to the low sound or no sound.

Here are some tips that you should read, and you can apply any of them after locating the problem. Have a look at them!

  1. Use Bluetooth Speakers

Using Bluetooth speakers to get the volume on the projector is only possible when your projector has an integrated Bluetooth feature.

Bluetooth will help to connect the projector with the speakers through WiFi.

This is a pretty simple method to adjust the sound settings. You just have to make sure that both devices, i.e., speakers and the projectors have Bluetooth connectivity and are paired.

After pairing, you can change the volume settings and get the sound back on the projector.

  1. Use Stereo Speakers

The projectors are usually connected to the stereo speakers with the help of a TOSLINK or HDMI cable. The cables sometimes don’t get properly plugged in. So make sure the connection is secured.

If the cables are not tightly plugged, then plug them in again and then change the sound settings. Adjusting the sound with the audio output compartment is the simplest method to go.

  1. Use a Sound-Bar Amplifier

Sometimes the projectors have a slow sound in their features but using the option of the sound-bar amplifier, you can up (increase) the volume on the projector.

You just have to use the cables to connect the projector with a sound-bar amplifier to conveniently go with this method.

How to Make Projector Louder?

Although there are a lot of methods, you can use to make the projectors louder. There are several good options in the market that you can avail to get a louder sound because the nice quality projectors don’t need extra treatments to fix the sound problem as they are already louder enough to fill the whole room with sound.

But if you want to get some extra benefit from the projectors and have the desire to create a home cinema, then you can use some good external speakers. To get a perfect external speaker for your projector, you can either search online or can contact your friends to make a good purchase.

Last Statement

The sound without a projector is worthless because you can’t get the fun you want from the projector. A lot of troubleshooting related to the sound settings on the projector is mentioned above. You can judge the problem by using one of these solutions. Hope you can resolve the issue now!

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