How to get rid of lines on projector

Does your projector often get jam-packed with vertical and horizontal lines? If yes, it is time to get rid of them. We have collected a few effective tips which help you know how to remove lines on a projector.

The general way is to keep holding down the projector firmly, repair or replace the defective mainboard, secure the cables properly, and thoroughly clean the connectors.

These are the basic ways which you can opt for. Hopefully, these hacks will immediately remove the lines on the projector. Even the highest quality projectors at times become defective and display this common issue. Do not worry at all because the below-mentioned solutions look viable.

Causes of Lines in Projectors

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The presence of vertical lines spotted on the projectors seems to have become a common problem nowadays. Below you can see why this problem occurs:

  • As mentioned above, poorly connected cables and dirty, corroded connectors result in vertical lines.
  • Vertical lines occur when the mainboard becomes defective.
  • Using the projector for too long makes the connectors rusty enough, leading to lines issues in projectors.

How to remove lines on a projector?

You can check out the details of these solutions, which will comprehensively explain you fixing the line issue:

Hold down or push down the projector firmly

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The most effective solution to get rid of lines is to hold down or push down the projector firmly. This respective technique will definitely work and it is assumed to be the easiest and simplest method.

What you need to do is to press down the projector’s top side firmly. Just place your thumbs and apply the pressure. You can even press the projector’s bottom side. Thus, squeezing the projector might help you fix the lines issue. Harder you press; quickly the lines will be gone. The minute the lines are disappeared, you can stop pressing the projector.

Repair the mainboard

projector mainboard

At times, a defective mainboard leads to vertical lines on a projector. It is recommended to either repair or replace the mainboard. All of us know that a projector’s mainboard is the most important part. If it is defective, the projector will certainly show malfunctioning.

Most importantly, the mainboard drives the image engine and regulates the fan. If it is in a damaged state, it will start to manifest vertical lines right there on the projected image. If the issue looks minor, you can repair it and fix it accordingly. On the other hand, if the issue is big, it is better to replace the whole mainboard.

Some experts have advised lightly cleaning the mainboard with deionized water. It is seen that oxidation may make the mainboard defective and leads to the occurrence of vertical lines.

Secure the projector cables properly

vga cables

Vertical lines appear on the projector if the cables are not properly secured. It remains advisable to secure and properly tighten the projector cables. This hack will resolve the issue quickly.

First of all, turn off the projector before you secure the cables. Ensure to remove all cables, and then you can plug them in again. No wonder it is believed that unsecured cables bring this glitch most of the time.

Clean and de-corrode the connectors

projector connectors

The other solution to eliminate lines on a projector is to clean and de-corrode the connectors. Connectors usually rust when you use a projector for an extended period. Furthermore, connectors rust when you expose them to excessive humidity and moisture.

There comes a basic way to clean and de-corrode the connectors. You need a cotton earbud, a prying tool, different-sized screwdrivers, and a cleaning spray solution.

  1. The first step is to disassemble some of the projector components. Remove the lens and loosen the screws.
  2. Open up the projector by using a prying tool.
  3. Upon opening up, you will spot a ribbon connector which usually binds the control panel to the connectors. Carefully disconnect it!
  4. Unscrew the sheet, which is located over the mainboard, and unplug all the cords.
  5. Clean the mainboard because it is often jam-packed with debris and dust. Spray the cleaning solution by taking it on a cotton earbud and carefully clean the mainboard and connectors. 
  6. The last step is to reassemble the projector. That is all, you are done, and you have cleaned and thoroughly de-corroded the connectors.

More tips to keep in mind

  • You must enable and properly activate the progressive settings.
  • It is recommended to change the resolution. This will help you get rid of black and green horizontal lines.
  • You can factory reset the projector.
  • Some experts have suggested replacing the projector lamp. In doing so, there is a chance that no vertical or horizontal lines will come on the projector.
  • You can replace the controller board if none of the solutions work.
  • Some individuals prefer pressing the Auto button on the remote control and simply reset their projector sync and tracking settings. It is strongly believed that fine-tuning the Tracking and Sync settings helps you remove the lines.
  • Sometimes, you must have spotted purple lines on the projector screen. These are red-purple spots. These lines occur when the LCD panel becomes dirty. So, cleaning the dirt and removing dust from the projector screen might help you eliminate purple lines.


So, what’s the bottom line? The solutions mentioned earlier and simple hacks have clearly stated how to get rid of lines on projectors. Wrapping up! You must repair or replace the mainboard, clean the connectors, secure the cables properly, or push down the projector firmly. Some like cleaning the connectors and mainboard with deionized water.

You can share with us if your projector has ever experienced this issue and which solutions you follow to remove these vertical lines from the projector. This is not a big issue, and you can easily tackle it without needing any technical expert help.

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