Find the Perfect Projector for Your Needs

A projector and a playstation 4

Does projector work with PS4

Do you feel like connecting your projector to PS4? Yes, you can do that! Gaming on big screens feels like your biggest dream has been fulfilled. No wonder you do not feel that rich excitement and enjoyment when playing games on small screens. Times have changed, and gamers prefer playing action-packed and shooting games on …

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Difference between indoor and outdoor projectors

Undoubtedly, the demand for indoor and outdoor projectors is getting massively high. But there exists a clear-cut difference between them. Here you can check out and get to know how these projectors are different from each other. The main difference between indoor and outdoor projectors is that indoor projectors are designed for use in controlled, …

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creases in projector screen

How to get rid of creases in projector screen

The job of removing creases from the projector screen has become less challenging. There is no need to get a new screen because the previous one had so many creases and wrinkles. You can remove these creases in one go, trust us, follow the below-written solutions and pay your thanks later on. The basic solution …

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projector in daylight

How many lumens to project in daylight

It is obvious that you need 2500 lumens to project in daylight. This is the minimum requirement that any projector has to fulfill if you want to watch any movie on the projector during the day. If the lumens rating falls below 2500 to 3000, then poor image quality will be displayed. No wonder projecting …

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Get rid of projector noise

Are you struggling to get rid of the annoying noises that come from your projector? Having loud and disruptive background noise makes it difficult to enjoy movies or presentations. The good news is that there are a couple of simple solutions to this problem that you can try if you want to reduce it. This …

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What is DLP projector

DLP projectors demand is getting massively high. When compared with LCD projectors, DLP seems to be a more reliable, superior, and lightweight pick. The image projected by this device looks sharper, clearer, digital, and cinematic. Furthermore, most of their models are lightweight and travel-friendly. It uses millions of pixels so that excellent image quality can …

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