dead pixel

What does a dead pixel look like

Dealing with dead pixels seems surely a challenging job. Many people out there still confuse dead pixels with stuck pixels. For your information, a dead pixel appears in black color. On the other hand, stuck pixels come in red, green, or blue colors or even in yellow shades. If these black-colored spots surround your screen, …

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Projector Keystone Adjustment

Projector Keystone Adjustment | Projector Guide

Have you listened about the magical alignments associated with a projector? Do you have an idea how you can adjust the screen of the projector? If you have ever tried to set up a projector, then you must come across some keystone correction feature. And this is also possible that many of you don’t know …

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black bars on projector

How to get rid of black bars on projector

No wonder black bars look super annoying and messy on the projector screen. Lots of ways have been introduced to eliminate them from the screen. Here we have penned the details on how to get rid of black bars on projector.  The general way is to adjust the image aspect ratio, use a stretch mode, …

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A macbook pro and projector.

Does projector work on MAC

If you are still wondering do projectors work on MAC, we are here to give in-depth details. Yes, a projector can work with MAC. The process is quick and very simple to follow. Those who have a projector with an HDMI connector, they only need an HDMI cable. Plug the cable into the MAC HDMI …

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Netflix on projector

Why can’t I play Netflix on my projector

Streaming Netflix on a projector has become an easy job. Have you ever wondered why you fail to stream Netflix on the projector? Here we are going to tell you. If you are not using a smart or Wi-Fi-enabled projector, you cannot stream Netflix on it. So, it is always advisable to prefer setting up …

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Overheated projector

How to prevent projector from overheating

Overheated projectors are so messier and more problematic to run. So, how can you prevent the projector from overheating? Many expert tips have come, and here we will share a few of them with you. Like, you must clean the filter and fan regularly. Dust off the area where you have mounted the projector. In …

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Get rid of projector noise

Are you struggling to get rid of the annoying noises that come from your projector? Having loud and disruptive background noise makes it difficult to enjoy movies or presentations. The good news is that there are a couple of simple solutions to this problem that you can try if you want to reduce it. This …

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